Springbok Nude Girls in Cape Town Like it’s 1999

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Not too long ago, Springbok Nude Girls celebrated its 20-year anniversary by playing several dates around the country’s key festivals and venues. And it seemed that the Nude Girls haven’t aged, at least not in the way that bands of 20 years-plus normally do.

Springbok Nude Girls Tour
30 September 2017, 4pm
Cape Farmhouse, Scarborough

SNG is known for loud, high-energy stage performances and anthemic rock tunes, and the band’s following has remained understandably loyal through that time.Who doesn’t love a good rock song (from a few years ago) to sing along to?


Frontman Arno Carstens also enjoys a successful solo career, while guitarist Theo Crous remains a highly sought-after producer.

SNG Documentary
Support THE SHOW.co.za with a purchase of The Springbok Nude Girls documentary.

Documentary Film

In 2015, Thinking Owl Films and Sony Music Entertainment Africa released a documentary film about the band, touching on the musical and political liberation of South Africa 1994 and how, for these crazy kids, it signalled a new journey in life and music.

These days, the best way still to experience the Nudies’ raw, rebellious rock (even punkish) energy is live, as many fans will attest. The beautiful Cape Farmhouse setting is an added bonus this time around, and worth making the drive down south. If you’re unable to attend, the additional dates (indicated below) may be another option.

Despite long periods of apparent inactivity over those 20 years, the band’s discography remains impressive.

Springbok Nude Girls tour

Springbok Nude Girls Discography

Neanderthal 1 (August 1995) (initially on Bluegum records CDSNG1, Epic)
It Became A Weapon (October 1996) (Epic)
be-vest@iafrica.com (1997) (Epic)
I Love big EP (1997-03-04) (Epic)
Afterlifesatisfaction (Epic, 1997)[4]
Omnisofa (April 1998) (Epic)
OPTI MUM (November 1998) (Epic)
Surpass the Powers (July 1999) (Epic)
Un-E.Z. (1999) (Epic)
Relaxzor (November 2000) (Epic)
The Fat Lady Sings – Best of the Springbok Nude Girls 1995-2001 (October 2001) (Epic)
Goddank Vir Klank 1994 – 2004 (July 2004) (Sony Music)
Nude Girls (Exclusive UK release) (July 2006) (Golden Fairy Records/SonyBMG)
Peace Breaker (March 2007) (Sony/BMG)
Apes With Shades (December 2011) (Sony/BMG)

Springbok Nude Girls official site:

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