Siv Ngesi in Siv-ilized - THE SHOW

Siv Ngesi gets Siv-ilized post-‘Bum-gate’

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Siv Ngesi returns from TV travels for a first solo show in four years at The Baxter. Travelling while shooting a TV travel show was a game-changer.


02 – 15 October
Baxter Theatre Centre
Siv Ngesi in Siv-ilized - THE SHOW
Siv Ngesi in SIV-VILIZED

Wingin’ It really owned my life,” he recently told Channel24. “I have come back home now and I feel that life has just moved on past me, you know what I mean? Like people have moved on. And it seems a bit lonely without the travel, you know what I mean?”

Presumably, he’ll be able to expand on what he means during the run at The Baxter this October. It has been some four years since his last solo show. He may even chat about the uproar he caused with what we at THE SHOW refer to as “Bumgate”.

Siv Ngesi: Actor’s entry on Ngesi notes that: Ngesi has also appeared in films like Invictus, Natale in Sudafrica, and Copposites. He is also a comedian, singer, and dancer. Ngesi speaks English, Xhosa, and Afrikaans.”

Ngesi played a role in 24: Redemption. The role did not feature any rear nudity (in the final cut).

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