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The Fall, Mamela Nyamza, and Naked Girls Reading

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Naked Girls Reading focuses on queer authors and LGBTQI stories – Cape Town entertainment news of interest from around the web.


Naked Girls reading | THE SHIOW
Naked Girls Reading Cape Town Fringe Turns the Page to Naked Girls Reading QUEERLY BELOVED at Alexander Upstairs

Directed by Kelly Smith, the 75-minute show will feature Charlie French, Cherry Lesque, Lyricnotic and Velvet Ni delivering queer-themed readings in a production dedicated to queer authors and LGBTQI stories. More… Baxter Theatre’s The Fall at Fringe: ‘exceptional vitality’

Baxter Theatre’s racially charged production, The Fall, captures lightning in a bottle. Variously described as ‘stimulating and provocative’, a ‘carefully-crafted, seminal theatre piece’ and a ‘necessary eye-opener into the reality of South Africans’, it arrived in Edinburgh this summer with extraordinary precedence. More…

The name “Mamela” means “to listen”

IOL: Listen to Mamela Nyamza Rock to the Core for women

The name “Mamela” means “to listen” and, for over two decades, dancer-choreographer Mamela Nyamza has been listening – to the voices of her family, community, dance world – more importantly urging us, the audience, to listen carefully to the images, narratives and ideas she is presenting to us – how we have been shaped by our collective past of constitutional and social racism. More…

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