• 542118_10151042610930957_1266390866_n.jpg
    Liam McDevitt, KC Royal, Photo by Bianca Coleman
  • 21191975_10155548005598548_3459578464357291296_n.jpg
  • Photo-by-Willim-Welsyn.jpg
    With Ann Jangle, Nozome Simon, Matthew ferguson. Phot:o by Bianca Coleman
  • 47481_10151042606325957_156369319_n.jpg
    Tony Shine, One-eyed me, McDevitt and KC Royal. Photo by Bianca Coleman
  • 284548_378565728882308_1423273038_n.jpg
    with Ann Jangle
  • 301264_378350455570502_934782936_n.jpg
    Photo by Willim Welsyn
  • Photo-by-Salome-Jacobs.jpg
    Ann jangle, Willim Welsyn, Liam McDevitt, Simon Perry, et al. Photo by Salome Jacobs

Rolling Stone Saturdaze

in Travel & Places

Shortly after we launched Rolling Stone in South Africa, I figured that a monthly breakfast do at a local restaurant would be a cool little micro-launch of each issue.

The Fat Cactus in Park Road was game, and so we started a small tradition. The musicians came along, some jams were had, and many a boozy Saturday was so spent. The first of these happened in May 2012. I have nothing but fond memories of those mornings.

PS: For around $10US, this was a damn good deal.

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