America Pt2: One Liberty Observation Deck

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Philadelphia’s One Liberty Observation Deck is a great place to see Philly from the Top. Rain and clouds do not dampen the experience.

The distinctive blue spire of One Liberty Place reaches around 270m up into the center city skyline. It’s hard to miss driving in, and it’s a stop you shouldn’t miss while there.

Pheelgood Phactor

The titular observation deck is located on the 57th floor of One Liberty Place. But the feelgood Philly factor already starts on the ground floor.

We’re not in Kansas anymore…

It seems that Philadelphia is fairly proud of being Philadelphia. And the Lobby lets you know where you are. You are shortly thereafter welcomed by the blue feet of … well, you’ll see, and then guided through to the elevators (after a strange tourist photo op).

When you arrive on the observation deck floor, the head of Benjamin Franklin (his are the feet planted in the lobby on the ground floor) presents an irresistible touchy-feely opportunity for any young people with you.

Franklin vs Nikki. 

But all of that’s forgotten when you actually look through the windows. While the views in Cape Town (and Africa) are quite magnificent, a view of an American city from a height is a spectacle unto itself.

Philadelphia 360

We were up there on a fairly rainy and cloudy day. But as visibility came and went, it added a mythical atmosphere to this town so steeped in American revolutionary history.

Just popping across to the other building…

The digital 360-degree displays are awesome! The hi-def interactive image contains some fascinating tidbits in their popups.

Take a moment to sit in the penalty box and check out the sports-related story entitled “Win or Lose, We Fight.” I’ve asked American friends about this. “Yeah,” they say. “That sounds like Philadelphia.”

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