Scarlet Host’s New Single is WWE RAW-Ready

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The chorus of the Cape Town / London based Scarlet Host’s new single feels very much like it could lead off World Wrestling Entertainment’s flagship show.

“Odd Times” hits all the beats, so to speak. “Break your violence with defiance… borderline friend or foe“, Roussouw sings.┬áIt’s the familiar big chorus often associated with “the longest-running weekly episodic show”, and it wouldn’t be the first time an SA-linked band provided it.

Seether’s “Fake it” held that prestigious spot for a season – a big hit for that band. Perhaps the band should put in a call to WWE UK or even try a some old SA connection strategy via Justin Gabriel, who as of 2016 was working with Lucha Underground.

Kevin and Dino Jardin now reside in England, while vocalist Cape-Town man Lindsey Roussouw took some time to travel there and complete the vocal work in 2016. The album Black Days releases January 2017.

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