Aragorn23, As Is and Nonentia: Free and Fascinating in Obs

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Even the most commercially-minded songwriter can benefit from delving into the truly alternative sides of Cape Town live music, like the one offered by the triple threat of Aragorn23, As Is and Nonentia.

Aragorn23, As Is, NonentiaAragorn23, As Is and Nonentia
The Drawing Room Cafe, Observatory
07 January 2018, 7pm
No cover charge
082 672 0515

Aragorn23’s unique algorithmic compositions and experiments via modular synthesiser and movement made it onto Pulse Radio’s list of 15 “Most Innovative Electronic Acts in SA”.

Far be it from The Show to ordinarily push these kinds of lists at face value, but coupled with the word of mouth of those in the know, the mention is worth remarking upon in a country with an exceptionally strong Electronic music scene.

It is also an appropriate annotation for a show like this one, which additionally features experimental group As Is, pronounced by former Rolling Stoner Miles Keylock as “multiphonic intercultural skronk, caterwauling harmonic wails and yowling percussive textures”, and tempo-driven Nonentia, whom Cape Town lifestyle man Zane Henry once coloured as delivering “bruising beats and punishing industrial vitriol.”

What all this amounts to is an assemblage of sonic and visual ideas that will unlock creative, explorative and interesting brainrooms in those with an artistic bent. It’s free, it’s fascinating, and it will inspire ideas, even as it does rattle more conservative mental and sonic gaskets in the process.


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