Why I Decided to Try a Pixies Appreciation Project

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This week we had a first get together/tryout/rehearsal for a new cover project. Stephen Timm, Ivan Sadler, Helen Westcott and I are… an as-yet not officially named Pixies appreciation band?

Ivan Sadler, Stephen Timm, Helen Westcott

A year ago I would have baulked at the idea of taking on another project. But this year I made a personal commitment to return to this world with some intent. And beyond that, there are some personal reasons that made me want to try this one out.

Going back to the beginning of a process requires patience, but can reveal a lot of things forgotten

I’ve played in bands for many years. But many of those bands were not really started formally, and many followed on from previous incarnations. This time, the project involves other individuals I’ve never played with as a band before.

It is tempting to want to fast-track progress. But the truth is that those first frustrating hours are necessary to get through a whole bunch of inexplicable barriers.

It’s like starting a new job with complete strangers. That first day is all about orientation. It can be slow. But taking the time to figure out your space will pay off in the end. And along the way, you might remember how to use Outlook.

I took on vocals as a personal challenge

I have some issues with vocals. Firstly, I struggle to remember lyrics. Now, this is not as cut and dried as it sounds. I have no problem remembering SOME lyrics, but often struggle when I’m supposed to learn new lyrics for a song. I mean to figure out why. Or, at least, to address the block. So I needed a reason to develop my memory skills.

Secondly, the project will allow me to get into shape, vocally. While I do sing a fair amount in other projects, these vocals (which a generally pitched higher than I’m used to), done on such a regular basis will drive some endurance and improvement. At my age, too.

I need to up my guitar skills

Similarly, this project will offer an opportunity to play more guitar. I am NOT by any stretch of the imagination an skilled guitar player. But opportunity breeds opportunity! So here is space for me to play more, put in some hours, and maybe even learn a thing or two from Ivan Sadler, who is handling most of the key parts.

It will be interesting to see where this project goes. We’ve committed to at least a few weeks of rehearsal room before we make a decision on whether to launch it to the public. Updates as we go.


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