The Waxing Lyrical Show That Changed Things.

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May 14, 2014. Four years ago today. What a night. What a show. And to the friends who turned out to play… eternal gratitude.


Some friends were talking about the Songs We Made Famous shows I blogged about recently. And I did mention in passing that I would likely never produce a show like that again at Mercury. Another show that I did that preceded SWMF, but actually inspired it, was when I was asked to do a “Waxing Lyrical” show. I think this was the show Bianca Lee Coleman described as possibly the best live show she’s ever seen at Mercury. That makes me happy.

Malcolm McArb wrote a very flattering review of it. I post it here as a timepiece, knowing that these days of these shows at that venue are gone. probably. Here’s a severely edited excerpt:

Also included in the night’s collaborative festivities were Simon Perry, of Them Tornadoes fame and Nick Turner, who I believe was with Sons Of Trout. Enter Nic Roos – he of the Sleepers and occasionally of Taxi Violence acoustic rumblings.  He certainly performed on the lion’s share of the tracks, a feat only eclipsed by MISTER Art Pereira, who played drums on pretty much the whole 2 sets. Legends, both! An 8-song Bruce Springsteen medley saw Cami Scoundrel join the guys on bass. Anton, Nic and Art played a beautiful, haunting rendition of one of my all time favourites, Swans – ‘Miracle Of Love’, which Kevin Rule and myself bludgeoned to death as we joined in for the end crescendo. All set for our turn, and the last three songs of the night, we then launched into the raunchy Cult hit ‘King Contrary Man’ before really turning up the musical destruction with Ministry’s ‘Just One Fix’. And as if that wasn’t enough – with a few people losing their fucking minds up front – we finished off with a monumental interpretation of another Swans favourite ‘New Mind’


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