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Three More White Guys go to Dust and Dynamite

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Three More White Guys – the world’s greatest band according to most people who see them at two in the morning – play at the local cowboy bar Dust and Dynamite this Saturday. It’s usually a very casual affair when we play here. A couple of mics, some people standing around and some songs being played.

There’s no cover charge, but you’re welcome to buy us a beer if you feel like it.

Three More White Guys
For some reason, the bar had it’s worst ever turnover that night.

The venue setup makes the show equivalent to an ‘unplugged’ set, if by ‘unplugged’ you understand that nobody cares if we’re playing or not, and we don’t care if you’re watching or not. Not that is matters, because everybody ends up watching, and we end up caring very much. Dust and Dynamite is literally the size of a garage, so there’s no real room for niceties like a stage, a sound system or a drumkit. We just put Art’s kit out in the street, actually.

Here’s a great example of how we’ll NOT be sounding.

Three More Play Softly at Dust and Dynamite
Saturday 05 May 2018
27 Caledon St, 7925 Cape Town, Western Cape
Facebook event.

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