Three Bored White Guys – We Been Robbed Video Shoot (2006)

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The music video for “We Been Robbed” was shot by Taxi Violence bassist Loedi van Renen. It’s a single shot style video, but has some pretty cool tricks under the carpet. Not bad for zero budget.

In 2006, we had the hair-brained idea to shoot a video for a song we had recorded. As bands do, we called up some friends to be a part of the shoot, made a drinking party out of it, and shot two takes of the song.

Waldo Alexander wasn’t in the city at the time, so his appearance was shot a few days later, thanks to a great bit of trickery by Loedi. It was his idea to do that too, so big up to that guy.

Among the friend cameos, there are filmmakers, local celebs, designers and members of some other well-known city bands of the time to be seen. The song itself was recorded by Dirk Hugo at SUI studios, as part of the We Been Robbed EP sessions.

Three Bored White Guys
Did we get it?
More break than take.
For legal reasons, I have no idea who these people are.
We Been Robbed cover art
Take 2!

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