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Boxstar Kitty

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Boxstar Kitty is a song written by Greg Donnelly and performed by Three Bored White Guys.

The bulk of We Been Robbed was recorded with Dirk Hugo at SUI Studios in 2006. Soon after, Greg, Matt and I were playing a rehearsal session at Kill City Blues. As usual, I brought along me old trusty Fostex 4-track tape machine and taped some of the session.

Out of that I found a take of Boxstar Kitty, a new song, sounded pretty cool. Some noodling back home produced a core track of acoustic guitar, drums, vocals and bass (four tracks). A few days later I took the machine over to Frank’s house-sit and recorded his guitar, and a few days after that, trapped Waldo at home for a few licks on the viola.

Result: My favourite recording on the collection (I’m not objective, to be fair), that captures the energy and playfulness of the 5-piece Three Bored White Guys era.

Three Bored White Guys – Boxstar Kitty (2006)
Greg Donnelly – vocal, acoustic guitar
Marshall – double bass
Matthew Ferguson – drums
Frank Ellis – guitar
Waldo Alexander – viola

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