The Moonflowers (Live) – I Met a Brazilian in the Jungle and we had a Swing

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Some found footage – a live recording in the club of The Moonflowers, a total improvised musical assortment of hooligans from Cape Town rock bands.

This 2-channel desk recording from 20 October, 2004, sees Woody Swart, Campbell Burns, Lee Thomson and Anton Marshall (that’s me) having unrehearsed, no-idea-what’s-going-to-happen-next fun late into a second set.

We managed to convince club management that I would host a weekly evening of improv in the lounge, inviting all manner of friends and such from bands. A couple of us were regulars, and decided to form some sort of house unit to open up and close the evenings.

Turns out we enjoyed it quite a lot. At one point we made a few recordings of the sessions through the desk aux out. And this is one of them. I’m not even a drummer!

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