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I Miss That Kid

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I Miss That Kid is a song written by the legendary Greg Donnelly. I made this recording one early evening at the Rolling Stone offices after everyone had gone home.

That didn’t stop the grumpy people in the offices a whole floor down from complaining. How exactly they heard an acoustic guitar through a floor of concrete I don’t know. Cos that’s all there was. And Greg’s voice. The rest was done in headphones, and back home I added percussion and additional keys. There’s only so much you can do on a laptop.

And why were they “working” at 8pm at night anyway? And were they working? If they were working why were they trying to hear Greg play an acoustic guitar some two floors up, behind closed doors?

Greg has since re-done the song in a new arrangement, but this remains one of my favourite LTC songs as it’s recorded. It’s never been played live like this.

Long Time Citizen – I Miss That Kid (Extra Voices Version)
Greg Donnelly – vox, guitar
Marshall – bax, percussion, bass, keys 

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