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One of my proudest moments as a producer of shows at Mercury Live was the Songs We Made Famous series. It’s not likely I will stage a show there again, so I’m happy to remember this as part of a golden era.

Back in 2014, I produced a series of shows for the old Mercury Live called Songs We Made Famous, where I invited some friends from other bands to help pay tribute to a given genre of song. One of them was songs from the  ‘alternative’ 80s, and it was at that show that I had my favourite mark-out moment of the series, and of my little group of musical friends.

Strangely enough, I wasn’t even playing when it happened. It was the last song of the show, and I had just played on the second-to-last song of the evening. I decided I wanted to check out the last one from the front. So out I went and positioned in the front row.

I was proud that day. The energy of the performance was palpable and real. And I know for a fact that all the losers on that stage had so much fun that night. I know I did. And I know the audience did, because many moments of that show were talked about for many weeks afterwards. None more so for me than this one.

PS: Scratching around the old drives, I found a soundcheck setlist.




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