The Show is proud to co-announce the GENERATION NEXT project

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GENERATION NEXT is a concept developed by Cape Audio College, 2C Productions, and, with the participation of iconic Cape Town venue Mercury Live.

2C’s Terrence Collings and The Show’s Anton Marshall have a long history of working in the scene with band projects. They have had a special interest in developing projects that afford newcomer artists opportunities to step up. Projects like Rolling Stone Weekend and Mercury’s The Shotgun Sessions previously spawned projects that went on to become some of Cape Town’s most loved artists.

This time GENERATION NEXT is aiming to become an annual fixture. It is envisaged as a ‘season’ of shows, with series one running between 05 May and 23 June 2018 at the Mercury Live in Zonnebloem. The series features bands and artists that are relative newcomers to the scene, but also occasionally calls in a veteran band to support the line-ups.

More than just bands

The project’s audio technical requirements are overseen by Cape Audio College and the Third Year Students, and therefore serves not only as a platform for new and emerging artists but also young engineers.

Producers hope that fans of the artists and curious music lovers alike will venture out to the shows to see what Cape Town is cooking in the underground. The idea is that all stars start somewhere, and the support that the GENERATION NEXT project provides for the artists involved may just be that boost that elevates them to new levels.

It goes without saying that GENERATION NEXT hopes to unearth musical and technical talent for the Cape Town scene. But it may also ignite a spark that is seen as an opportunity for artists to join up in subsequent series, to expand the scene, and help rebuild live music in Cape Town.

More details to follow via Facebook, The Mercury Live and

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