Colony: Adam Haupt, James Reynard, Anton Marshall

What Dreams May Come

in eracode

Back in the 90s, Professor Adam Haupt and I made some music together.

We played a few live shows (some with some very esteemed guests – thanks, Ready D, Mr FAT [RIP] and the legendary James Reynard). And we even managed to get a few oddities on tape. Here’s one rescued from one of those old four-tracks. As you can hear, Colony was a more experimental sound, with Adam’s spoken word and me given near-free reign with the sound “design”.

Adam usually wrote all the words, to which I later added music. But this is a rare example of when I wrote words for Adam to perform. He liked it. I liked it. We kept it. Just for filing purposes, I’m filing this under eracode as it most closely resembles this at the root.

Colony – What Dreams May Come (1999)
(Marshall) 3:14
Haupt – vox
Marshall – programming, keys


  1. Every time I see one of these posts of yours I have even more regrets that I just have NO recordings of all my old bands! Not that it was wonderful or anything, but just because I have no record of anything at all… sigh!

    • These records have become so important to me for some reason. Yes… I am so glad that I’m finding these things, and now making an effort to preserve them better.

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