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Art’s Not Dead TV

Art Reviews … Tulip Fever

A film adaptation of the 1999 book by Deborah Moggach that has beautiful sets and lighting with an interesting story that is bogged down with too much plot, too much melancholy, too much bad acting and too much of meh.

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Art Reviews … Only the Brave

They’re the heroes that represent the best of America. #OnlyTheBrave, Based on the True Story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots.

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Thor: Ragnarok. We Discuss it Vidcast

Season 2, episode 5 of the “We Discuss It …” VIDcast. “Unrehearsed. Unresearched. That’s what we are all about!” Kevin and Art talk about Thor: Ragnarok!

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Deserving of Your Time: The Whale Caller

Based on the novel by Zakes Mda.

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Denis Villeneuve Is the Best Director Working Today. Blade Runner 2049.

Art reviews Blade Runner 2049. The sequel to Blade Runner from 1982. K is out to solve a mystery with help of Deckard. Is this one better than the original? Is it a worthy successor? Is it good? Yes to all of the above.

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Drug Users are People, Too. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Art reviews Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The sequel to Kingsman the Secret Service. A new series of movie reviews.

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Art reviews “Stronger” starring Jake Gyllenhaal as Jeff Bauman and Tatiana Maslany as Erin Hurley. A new series of movie reviews. Short(ish). Thought out. To the point.

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Penny for Penny: Pennywise Needs A Scarier Clown Moment

Art Pereira reviews the latest Stephen King adaptation of “IT” starring Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise.

Spider-Man Homecoming AKA Iron Man IV

The movie, history of Spider-Man movies and the usual nonsense stuff. Keep Reading

Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad and How the DCCU Can Get Rid Of It

Also, the future of the DCCU in the upcoming Justice League, and  about Spider-Man Homecoming, which is the next movie to arrive.  Keep Reading

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