‘The Deficit’ is on at Alexander Bar

Hlubi Nontlanga’s play The Deficit is up for a run at Alexander Bar this January.

The DeficitThe Deficit
Alexander Bar Theatre, CBD
Wed 24 Jan, 7pm R90.00 (R80.00 pre-paid)
Thu 25 Jan, 7pm R90.00 (R80.00 pre-paid)
Fri 26 Jan, 7pm R90.00 (R80.00 pre-paid)
Sat 27 Jan, 7pm R90.00 (R80.00 pre-paid)

A young man finds himself trapped between financial and academic struggles. He strives to find a balance between the two but the debt that he faces as a result of an unjust system and the manipulators of society becomes too much for him. A pawn in a political game, his dreams and academic success are threatened and shattered.


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