‘In Whorefish Bloomers’ Resumes at Alexander Upstairs

The adaptation of Pam-Grant and Stannard’s underground 1980s feminist ‘cabaret’ In Whorefish Bloomers is back.

In Whorefish Bloomers

In Whorefish Bloomers: The Waitresses’ Lament
Alexander Upstairs Theatre, CBD
Mon 12 Feb 9pm R120.00 (R100 pre-paid)
Tue 13 Feb 9pm R120.00 (R100 pre-paid)
Wed 14 Feb 9pm R120.00 (R100 pre-paid)
Thu 15 Feb 9pm R120.00 (R100 pre-paid)
Fri 16 Feb 9pm R120.00 (R100 pre-paid)
Sat 17 Feb 9pm R120.00 (R100 pre-paid)
Mon 19 Feb 9pm R120.00 (R100 pre-paid)
Tue 20 Feb 9pm R120.00 (R100 pre-paid)
Wed 21 Feb 9pm R120.00 (R100 pre-paid)
Thu 22 Feb 9pm R120.00 (R100 pre-paid)
Fri 23 Feb 9pm R120.00 (R100 pre-paid)
Sat 24 Feb 9pm R120.00 (R100 pre-paid)

Written by Sue Pam-Grant and Sheena Stannard; adapted and directed by Kei-Ella Loewe; Performed by Jamie-Lee Money and Donna Cormack-Thomson.

This will be the fifth run of the production. It has enjoyed full houses and positive responses from audiences, especially women who leave the theatre feeling empowered.

Director Kei-Ella Loewe obtained the script from her mother Sheena Stannard, one of the original writers and performers.

Loewe and cast heavily adapted it to a modern Cape Town context, inserting new writing and scenes, though the majority of the original writing remains.

The original play’s political satire poked fun at the Apartheid regime. The new generation has attempted to make humour out of their own situation as privileged, white, heterosexual women in South Africa. And the oppression they often face at the hands, and under the gaze, of men.

In Whorefish Bloomers: The Waitresses’ Lament was nominated for Best Production and Best Creative (Directing) Awards at the Cape Town Fringe.

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