Jonny Luck & Landi Lu at The Vic Bar

Jonny Luck is an enthusiastic character. When he talks about his music and musical ambitions, it’s tough to not get carried along on his train.


Johnny Luck and Landi Lu
The Vic
09 November 2017, 7 pm

Luck also speaks quite frankly about challenges that come with that lifestyle. He’s the performer that will pack his guitar in the car and head up the N1 for a two-week road trip, playing at any venue that will agree to host him.

That sort of passion for craft shines through in his performance, too… whether or not he is wearing his gloriously distracting beard at the time.

Jonny Luck is joined by fellow singer-songwriter Landi Degenaar AKA Landi Lu at The Vic, another venue that has stepped into the void left by more traditional venues becoming less accessible to most city musicians not backed by rental finances or management.

Lu is a country-folk singer-songwriter best known for playing banjo in country-bluegrass outfit The Betsie Beers. She also plays guitar and harmonica.

Starts at 19:00. Free Entry. Merch on sale.

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