A Desperate Update on My 2018 Resolution (The One That’s Somehow Still Intact)

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I made a soft promise to myself at the end of last year that I would commit to play or create more music this year. I made it mostly in conversation with friends who were asking me ‘how the music was going’. It was more hopeful statement than resolution. The kind of thing you say just to hear it being said.

I am impressed that I have managed to grind away somewhat at that goal so far. I have a few shows down already this year with the White Guys, and it looks like a residency at Dust and Dynamite may be in the works for that. Frank is also keen on exploring a quieter darker side of the band with new music. This project will likely go under a different name.

Elsewhere, Carolyn Beyer has emerged from the Delta Quadrant to start working on some recordings with eracode again. This is exciting for me, as I feel it takes me into different spaces than the other projects. Hopefully, a new track will be posted in a few weeks.

Most interesting and challenging for me, though, is the commitment to playing some more solo stuff. I’ve never really spent too much time in a solo context, mainly because I’m a crap musician. But the opportunity has come about with Sit the Folk Down’s series The Unknown Legend. This year I’ve managed to suck in my gut and play two of those dates already. Solo.Alein. Ohne thug support.

Luckily, Greg Donnelly has also taken to playing them, which has inadvertently created another opportunity there. As far as possible, Greg and I are trying to play the same nights on these shows, and we get to offer a three-act card: Greg Donnelly, Anton Marshall and then together as Long Time Citizen.

There are benefits to this: I know who I’m playing with, and I’m doing double duty, all of which is clocking the hours, and that’s the main thing I’m trying to catch up on. I have to prepare solo material and covers and originals (Bruce Springsteen will likely experience a lovely uptake in royalty payouts next year), but then I get to play the familiar stuff with me old dancing bag Donnelly.

As of this writing, the following is on the go:

Original song production in progress with Carolyn Beyer
The Gigantic Bone Machines (working title)
Cover band project in rehearsal – hey we gotta make money somehow – it’s an expensive hobby
13 June 2018
Anton Marshall + Greg Donnelly + Long Time Citizen
The Vic, Kloof Street, Cape Town
17 June 2018
Three More White Guys go to Muizenberg
The Striped Horse, Muizenberg
27 June 2018
Anton Marshall + Long Time Citizen + TBC
The Striped Horse, Muizenberg

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