Tavares – Sky High (1976)

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You know how every South African white person you know’s parents owned a copy of Rodriguez’ Cold Fact? (Yep I said it! LOL) Well, Tavares’ 1976 album Sky High was that record for the kullid ouens* growing up in the 70s.

Many of my older cousins had this record, and whichever house the family visited, it was there. The most famous track from the album is of course ‘Heaven Must be Missing an Angel’. But this was my favourite. Listening to it again a few years ago, I was quite impressed with the album’s lush production values. Such as it is:


Here’s another track from the album that remains a pleasure to listen to.


*kullid ouens… In South Africa, and Cape Town in particular, ‘Coloured’ refers to a sector of the population so classified under Apartheid because of mixed heritage. ‘Ouens’ is a colloquialism for ‘guys’ or ‘people’… vatos… peeps.

*Cold Fact is the debut album by American singer-songwriter Rodriguez. It was released in the United States on the Sussex label in March 1970. The album sold very poorly in the United States (Rodriguez was himself an unknown in the US), but managed to sell well in both South Africa and Australia. – Wiki


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