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Mental Health Report: Saturday 26 May Was a Good Day

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I felt compelled to write a little personal report on yesterday. As a sufferer of hyper-anxiety and depression (came off meds earlier this year and trying to manage without), I think it’s worth documenting some of the good days here.

Saturday 26 May, 2018

Rachel was off early to a work function, so I spent the morning attacking my visa application for the US trip. I finished it! Did all the necessary, paid the fee, got really lucky with an early appointment on June 6, and now all that remains is to collect the last documents to submit and it’s done!

Now, this may seem like a small thing, but as someone who despises forms and queu\ing with every last fibre of my being, I consider it a positive achievement. And for a depressive, it’s a huge booster.

Greenpoint AFC O45s  4 – 1 Old Mutual AFC O45s

Greenpoint Salesian AFC badgeOff to the home ground. And a pre-season friendly with the Old Mutual. Now, this season, I’ve been making appearances in the early friendly games and improving steadily. Though I’ve not really been fit enough to run the full 80. The first 10 minutes or so of the Mutual game today was a struggle. My co-midfielder Norm was a guest player, and I had never played alongside him before. he tends to push up the field quite aggressively, so it was a bit of a working out of how to adapt, and Mutual tended to attack in numbers.

Anyway, after the initial blowout (unfit), I started to settle into a rhythm, and from that point on, I had a fantastic game. Winning tackles, controlled passes. I really felt like finally, my game is starting to come together again. And I was even able to continue deep into the second half. I only switched out to keeper as the gaffer wanted to move to the touchline. Made several one-on-one saves too. I am my own player of the match!

Chanty Clear

Later, a small celebration for Chantelle’s birthday at Dust and Dynamite. We’ll talk about this bar some more, as it is likely to become the White Guys’ new hangout of choice.

And after that, I convinced Rachel to pop into the old Gandalf’s just one (more) time. It’s been a live music and rock venue for many years, but will sadly be closing down next week. So it was the last chance to see the spectacle that is Goth nite at the haunt.

Coming home, I remarked to Rach what a wonderful day I had had. A few tasks achieved, a really satisfying sportsing, and a lovely night out with some friends. Days like these are worth keeping.



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