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I Forgot That First Band Feeling

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You know what used to be fun about your first band?

It was that you didn’t care that much if other people thought it was terrible. All you knew was… you liked it. And you had an immense, driving excitement about coming up with something new… and taking it to wherever it needed to go.

But mostly, you didn’t care what others thought of it. I’m feeling a bit of that with the new eracode material, which has gone full synth-pop – the music that I made in my first band. It’s odd because my mom once told me to never go full synthpop. I’m sorry, mom. I’ve gone full synthpop. Actually, I made up that bit about my mom. My mom is cool.

I have, in fact, gone full synthpop previously, back in 1984 or so. We all become children again in our old age, I guess.

My old friend Charlie King agrees: “…And that’s how I feel about my new EP… that was the purpose of recording it…. just to let it out and it feels so good,” she told me.

Charlie King
Charlie King


Yeah… everybody’s so concerned with being cool these days… I forgot how to not care and just have fun; to make the music I want to make, put it out, and just go.


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