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Q&A with Richard Rogers from the Band Secrets

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The Show chatted to Richard Rogers from San Diego band Secrets as the band prepares for a world tour that will include a stop in South Africa.

The Show: The new album is the first with the new label. Has this influenced the next phase of the band’s journey at all?

Richard Rogers: Only in the sense that we have a bigger budget and more opportunities to think outside the box, and do things we probably would have never received the funding to do with Rise Records.

TS: Your announced world tour is very extensive. Any particular places you’re especially keen to explore?

RR: It’s pretty ambitious, to say the least. I’m very excited to see South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. I’ve always wanted to hang out with kangaroos.

TS: There were a few guest songwriters on parts of the new album. Can you talk a little about the experience of bringing other (external) ideas into the songwriting mix?

RR: Yeah, we had Brandon Paddock, Mike Green and Jonny Liu. They were all amazing and very helpful and basically just made sure the songs we worked with them the best they could be. And then we wrote the rest of the record on our own in Jonny Liu’s studio and various hotels and Airbnb’s, all while we were still recording. We spent more time on this record than any in the past.

TS:  You’ve mentioned in the press that you guys are keen foodies, and when you travel you probably try lots of stuff. But what favourites would you bring from San Diego for people of the world to try?

RR: Oh man! we love food! First off, everybody has to try a California burrito. It usually has carne asada, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and French fries wrapped up in a delicious, giant tortilla. Hold the sour cream for Richard, though (laughs).

In n Out Doube Double!

Second favourite is IN N OUT, and I always get a double double animal style (double cheeseburger with grilled onions extra spread, diced chilies and mustard grilled burger.

TS: Here’s hoping that someone treats you to a traditional South African braai when you get here.

Secrets tour South Africa dates:
Friday 13 April – Arcade Empire PTA
Saturday 14 April – Sundowners JHB
Saturday 21 April – Mercury Live CT

Tickets prices range from R170 – R190 from Webtickets and R250 at the door


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