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Q&A: Chris Tait Returns After Six Year Hiatus

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It’s taken six years for singer-songwriter Chris Tait to step into a band room again. The result is a new ep, SKITZO.

Chris has a slew of radio hits under his belt and a reputation for being one of South Africa’s top music producers.  But after six-year-long hiatus from making music himself, he releases SKITZO, an eclectic collection of catchy pop-rock songs. I spoke to Chris about “the comeback”.

Chris Tait
Chris Tait is ready to go again.

TS: So, six years since the last offering… was it like going back to your old school?

CT: Well, it was going back to a simpler, less complicated philosophy, which I had with my very first tAIT album (Back Seat Driver – 1994). That album pretty much wrote itself and I had zero expectations. I didn’t really care about writing for a specific market or trying to be a successful artist. I just wanted to lay down some cool, catchy songs. So yeah… full circle, I’d say.

You have said that you felt burnt out and stopped writing for a while. When it came back, what were the songs about?

I like to think that this ep is a good mix of light and dark. The songs cover pretty much everything from dodgy relationship decisions to dealing with depression and anxiety disorder… and all those wonderful things that come with age! (Laughs).

Tom Fox (Bright Blue) and James Stewart (The Usual) guest on the record. What was the process like, working with them old boys?

Well, we did the tracks separately. It would have been amazing to have the guys in the studio with me, but no, Tom lives in New Zealand, so we just did everything over the interwebs. Same process with James. They’re such pro’s –  I was stoked to have such class on one of my songs.

And if you could look back on the process now… was it what you expected after such a long time? Ready to go again?

Yes. I’m definitely ready to go again, as far as making music is concerned, that is. That part I’m really loving again. I feel like I still have quite a lot of music in me. Not certain on the live performance side of things. Working on that as we speak. So watch this space.

SKITZO is available now on all digital platforms including Deezer iTunes Apple Music Spotify


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