Bokani Dyer Comes to the Muizenberg Jazzfest: The Legacy of the Anti-Genre

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Bokani Dyer is looking forward to returning to Cape Town to play. “I lived in Cape Town for 12 years,” he tells THE SHOW. “So it is one of my homes and I always look forward to opportunities to perform there.”

Bokani Dyer
Muizenberg Jazz Festival
The Masque Theatre, Muizenberg, Cape Town
13 October 2017, 8pm
For more MJF dates, see the calendar


He is, of course, referring to the upcoming Muizenberg Jazz Festival taking place on 13 and 14 October 2017 at the Masque Theatre in Muizenberg. The MJF is a brand new addition to the Cape Town music calendar in 2017.

Dyer’s London Jazz Festival and Cape Town International Jazz festival appearances have been very well-received. But for a musician who has found himself in these high-profile situations, what does a new festival – and a solo performance – present in terms of opportunity?

“I love what I do and support the greater network of people who help to keep live music alive,” he enthuses. “So being part of the line-up of a new festival means I get to do my part in helping create a legacy and hope it can grow and build from here.”

I get to do my part in helping create a legacy

Dyer described his album World Music as an anti-genre record

This feels relevant now, even if others in the past have claimed to be post-genre… especially given the convergence of media and information. Does music – and jazz as a genre – not have to same opportunity to “converge”, if you will, beyond genre?

“Well, precisely because of the convergence of information, the exposure to everything at the same time creates a world where it becomes difficult to draw the lines between how influences are processed and then incorporated into new art.”

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