AntonMarshallThe seeds of THE SHOW are to be found in a small community-style newspaper I created while working at Rolling Stone South Africa back in 2012. It was called ONE MUSIC CITY. The premise was quite simple: Provide a snapshot of the upcoming fortnight’s live entertainment on offer in Cape Town.

That’s it. That’s the lens through which THE SHOW views eKapa.

It would encompass mainstream and underground music, theatre, stage performances, festivals that contained any or all of these, and whatever could be shoehorned into those categories. But the featured content needed to relate to something that the reader could go and see within the next few days and weeks within greater Cape Town.

Five years later, and with nothing else of its kind to emerge since, I find myself with a reason to re-ignite a platform that is intended to do a few things:

  • Help invigorate a new Entertainment Press that is solely focused on the Cape Town live scene and related news.
  • Contribute to a global digital content archive that references our city, our artists, and performers in a meaningful, useful way.
  • Create a space where our young and veteran artists and their publicists are engaged in ways that are engineered to produce this meaningful content.
  • … And lastly, to let me do what I love doing, which is talking about performance and artists.

Your part is easy, depending on who your are:

  • As a publicist, help us engage further than a press release.
  • As an artist, understand what is needed from you to make talking about you easier.
  • As a reader, continue to support our efforts by coming back regularly, offering suggestions, joining our newsletter and just loving us in general.

I hope you find value in The Show and its contributors, partners, and projects. And I hope you stay with us on this journey

Anton Marshall