When I started The Show as a blog, I originally intended it to be a gathering space for information related to my local city’s performance space. Music and theatrical news and tidbits that ultimately sought to promote the shows going on around here. But after about six months I realised that the time for such things – at least online – is gone.

It dawned on me that I couldn’t really remain “neutral” as a reporting voice and that the best pieces I produced weren’t that at all anyway.

Somehow, I cocked up a very basic idea about blogging and what I wanted to achieve with the stories I was trying to write. I forgot about me.

By that, I mean that I forgot that this blog needed a voice. And I have a perfectly useful one. I needn’t tell a vague story about my city through strangers. I could simply tell these stories as me, through my eyes and experience, and with others as guest players.

Me, Me, Me

Photo: Steve Smith
Photo: Steve Smith

And if I didn’t talk about something, that was ok. And if I did talk about something, that was OK too. But I could only talk about something if I could relate to it. And what I can relate to is the “struggle” for expression – creative, artistic, personal, internal, whatever.

So I re-contented this blog. And on the surface, it may seem to be all about my bands, music, projects and nights out. But I’m also hoping it’s more than that. I’m hoping that it can be a window. That the experiences I write about here, or the people I interview here, or the thoughts and opinions I express here, are relatable to someone.

So, at the risk of being self-indulgent – this is now a blog about the space me, my friends and my interests like music, performance, and weekend travel occupy, and what to do when things burn. There will be several retroactive updates and stuff, too, because life is never as dull as we remember it.

Also, it’s my 45th birthday today.